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Groß M - 7 Einheitsklasse 1.715,- €
Fock Big Foot Einheitsklasse 1.140,- €
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Polyester Scrim PXB15 DP
nicht Einheitsklasse 1.840,- €
Spi FR - 1 Einheitsklasse 1.735,- €

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Das neue M7 Groß hat eine Radial Head Section

Groß und Fock jeweils mit
- Segelsack
- Sichtfenster
- Segelnummer
- Windfäden
- Segellatten
- Klassenlabel

Alle Spis verstehen sich einschließlich:
- Segelsack
- Segelnummern
- Klassenlabel


RBS EPOXY OneDesign Segellatten, verjüngt

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Trimmanleitung 2017 NEU !(North Sails Version R02 vom 03.03.2017)

Trimmtabelle 2012 [11 KB] (für Segel von North Sails)

Trim for Speed (Video/englisch)

Grundlagen des Großsegeltrimm (englisch) von Tom Whidden

Großsegeltrimm (Allgemein)

Vorsegeltrimm (Allgemein)

PT Series Tension Gauges

Wantenspannungsmesser [440 KB]

einschließlich Umrechnungstabelle für Model A

Lessons from Kingston

A conversation between J/22 World Champ Mike Marshall and class newcomer Zeke Horowitz.

Full Article


Tips to help you get more height when you need it!

There are times where you may find yourself struggling to either keep your upwind lane, or just can't get that height to pinch off a boat to weather.

Keeping it Simple

Four tips to help your J/22 go faster!

If you are like us, getting into the swing of things at the beginning of the summer sailing season is very exciting. In that excitement we sometimes forget the basics that make sailing and racing the J/22 fast and fun. Here are four "reminder" tips from Mike and Zeke to refresh your memory on things that may easily be overlooked.

The Art of Rig Tune and Bend

Rig Tune and Bend by NickTurney/North Sails

North Sails Yearbook 2014